Power & Soft Wash

Power & Soft Wash

Power Wash
Power washing is ideal for paved areas and decking. Our power washing service uses power washers with variable pressure settings to guarantee your paths and paved areas are kept in outstanding condition. Our power washing services covers all surfaces including:

  • Brick Paving
  • Concrete
  • Cobble block
  • Stone

We use a special product to eradicate algae spots and restore all driveway seals. Roof Right Roofing is a leading provider of driveway cleaning in Munster. Our variety of driveway cleaning services will restore your driveway to as good as new.

Over the years Roof Right Roofing have power washed everything from weather-beaten dirt to built-up moss, hard-to-eliminate lichen, to peeling old paint and chewing gum from pathways, walls, courtyards and cobbled-stone spaces. We also clean walls, tiled steps, decking, tarmac and concrete. You name it and our specialised pressure washers will eliminate it for you.

Soft Wash
Roof Right Roofing offer soft wash solutions for commercial and domestic clients throughout Munster.

Using inappropriate cleaning methods can damage your home or property. We soft wash external walls to ensure the exterior of your building is in top condition while protecting surfaces.

The non-aggressive biocide we use as part of our soft washing service deters bacteria and microorganisms such as algae from re-growing without damaging sensitive areas such as plaster walls.

Our soft wash solutions tackle contaminants such as:

  • Black fungus
  • Red algae
  • Green algae
  • Moss
  • Lichen

We offer a range of soft wash services to ensure your working and living spaces are hygienic, safe and inviting for both customers and families. Regular soft washing will ensure clients are taking the necessary steps to protect the health and appearance of their property.